Is My Phone Listening to Me?

Many smartphone users around the world have reported something mysterious with their phones. Seemingly innocuous advertisements related to personal conversations are cropping up. While at the surface, this might seem innocent, it’s actually at the heart of a really big issue. Digital privacy and the potential for your phone to be recording your private conversations, … Read more

Can I Sue Someone for Recording Me on Private or Public Property?

Under state and federal law, it is legal to film anyone who does not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” In public spaces, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Quick take: Only 16 states have specific video surveillance statutes. Typically the audio recording laws are much stricter than video recording. It is … Read more

How to Block Listening Devices: Can a Phone or Other Device Secretly Record You?

Is my phone listening to me? Yes, and there could be other devices in your home that are listening as well. The question is – What can you do about it? How do you block listening devices? How to block listening devices, a quick take: Use a noise blocker or white noise generator to block … Read more

Legal Copyright Disclaimers: What Disclaimers are Needed on my Website?

Quick take: Disclaimers are warnings that protect you from legal liabilities. Legal disclaimers may protect you from false information laws. Your words, whether written or spoken, may land you in legal problems because whenever someone visits your website, in the eyes of the law, you are in a legal agreement with that visitor or client. … Read more

Privacy Tools for Android, IOS, and Windows: What is the best privacy software?

Privacy software and privacy tools that guarantee online anonymity and protect your location and identity. Quick take: key disclosure law requires Privacy Service Providers to share encryption keys with law enforcement. logout when you finish browsing, use a VPN, or alternative search engine. Store sensitive data in secure private storage. Protect your password and devices … Read more

Dashboard Camera Legality and Privacy Laws: Is it Illegal to Use Dashcams in North America?

No, it is not illegal to use dashcams in the US and Canada. However, state, and provincial laws determine where to place one and who may use the footage. Quick take: Law enforcement in North America encourages dashcam usage. The court may use dashcam footage against you. Law enforcement may legally prevent you from filming … Read more

Anonymous Payment Methods: Can you pay someone incognito?

To make anonymous payments you must overcome a few initial difficulties. Traditionally, the most significant hurdle has always been the initial addition of funds, this is usually where you have to submit your identity. However, there are a few ways to increase your anonymity online when making purchases, each with differing layers of security. You … Read more

E-mail Account Security Explained: What is the most secure e-mail service?

Quick take: Gmail, AOL, Microsoft outlook and iCloud use TLS (providers and anyone with access to your account may read your email). Proton mail uses end-to-end encryption. The receiver must have a key to read the message. You do not have to delete your Gmail account. At the most basic level before getting into technology … Read more

The Safest Browser: How to Browse and Download Anonymously

Your personal information, online habits, purchases, history, likes, and dislikes are valuable to advertisers, family members, friends, scammers, the government, service providers, and data harvesters. They need that information to target ads, some sell the data, and the government does it in the name of national security. What that means is even if you are … Read more

What is a VPN? How does it work? And the legal implications of using a Virtual Private Network

VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is a secure connection from a device to a network. The connection transmits data and prevents anyone tracking or monitoring from identifying the user by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and a remote device. Simply put, the VPN adds an additional stopping point between your internet service … Read more