How to Find Old Medical Records Online

Medical or health records serve as a vital component of your healthcare. As per federal law, you are entitled to access and update the data enclosed in these documents, offering you a greater degree of control over your medical decisions. Healthcare providers and insurance firms can also disclose information from your medical records when it’s … Read more

How Long Do Hospitals Keep Medical Records?

The duration for preserving and storing medical records is not uniformly defined, although there are varying ‘minimum’ amounts. This variability stems from different regulatory guidelines; for example, HIPAA mandates a six-year retention period for medical records, whereas federal law requires these records to be kept for a minimum of seven years following the delivery of … Read more

HIPAA Compliant CRM Software – The best of 2022

HIPAA is a federal law that sets national standards for the protection of patient information so that it is not disclosed without their consent or knowledge. Who Needs to be HIPAA Compliant? Healthcare Providers Health Plans Healthcare Clearinghouses Businesses that deal with healthcare information. What Should You Look for in a HIPAA Compliant CRM? Track … Read more

Is My Phone Listening to Me?

Many smartphone users around the world have reported something mysterious with their phones. Seemingly innocuous advertisements related to personal conversations are cropping up. While at the surface, this might seem innocent, it’s actually at the heart of a really big issue. Digital privacy and the potential for your phone to be recording your private conversations, … Read more

Are Autopsies Public Records? Vital Records Explained

In the US, it depends on state law. For instance, in Alabama, under state statutes, autopsies are public records, in Arkansas, however, autopsy reports are not medical records, meaning they are public records.  See autopsy laws by state in the table below.  Quick take: Are autopsies public records? State law determines who has the authority … Read more

Vital Records Explained: Is ‘Cause of Death’ public record?

Vital records explained? Are death certificates public record? It depends on state law (See the table below). For example, in Alaska, death certificates become public records 50 years after the date of death. Also, death certificates are exempt from FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).  The question is; how do you find out the cause of … Read more

Vital Records Explained: Are birth certificates public records?

According to the United States Census Bureau, birth certificates are public records. But the federal government does not keep files or indexes of birth certificates. Instead, it is up to the states to issue and index birth certificates. Therefore, State law determines who has the authority to access birth certificates. Tip: You may view birth … Read more

Are 911 Calls Public Records?

Yes, 911 calls are public records. However, state law determines what the information Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) may share with the public. Consequently, if you want to see the name, number, address, or personal information of the person who made a 911 call, you may need a court order. Scroll down to view the … Read more

What happens when you get a DMCA takedown notice on Xvideos?

Xvideos complies with the European Copyright Directive and America’s DMCA act. Consequently, intellectual property owners may send a takedown request whenever someone uses their work without permission. You may also takedown photos or videos of you as instructed below. Create a DMCA takedown notice for Xvideos here then send it to [email protected] Quick take: Xvideos … Read more

What happens when you get a DMCA takedown notice on Wikipedia?

According to Wikimedia’s DMCA takedown policy, the organization will push back if they receive a fraudulent takedown notice. If the notice is valid, the DMCA act requires ISPs, including Wikipedia, to take down the post or infringing content. Quick take: Create and download a DMCA takedown notice for Wikipedia here, then send it to [email protected]Read more