How Long is a Life Sentence? Shortest, Longest, and Everything In Between.

A life sentence can be misleading as it does not mean that the convicted criminal will be incarcerated for the rest of that person’s natural life. More often than not, it is a regular prison sentence that comes with the possibility of parole after a certain amount of years. State law dictates the length of … Read more

How to Look up Old Murders: Can Anyone Look at Old Case Files?

Old murder (cold) case files are public records in the US, meaning anyone can view them through a simple request. You may submit a request at the local courthouse or local law enforcement headquarters. Note: arrest reports and crime and incident reports are not public records in some states. You may need a court order … Read more

How to Block Listening Devices: Can a Phone or Other Device Secretly Record You?

Is my phone listening to me? Yes, and there could be other devices in your home. The question is, how do you block listening devices? Quick take: How to block listening devices: Use noise blocker or white noise generators to block long distance recording or hidden devices in your home. Use frequency scanners or infrared … Read more

How to Find Recent Arrest Records: Are Criminal Records Public?

Yes. Criminal records in the US are public record unless the arrestee is a minor. Here is how to find recent arrests, mugshots, and legal landmines you should be aware of. How to find recent arrests: quick take. Search local law enforcement websites. Arrest and criminal records are public records. Juvenile criminal records are not … Read more

Can Felon’s Travel Outside the US: What Countries Can You Travel to with a Felony?

low angle photo of airplane flying over high rise buildings

Yes, felons can travel outside the country because the law allows them to get a passport, the question is, what country are you traveling to or intending to travel to? Below is what you need to know. Quick take: can felons travel outside the US? Felons can travel outside the country after completing their sentence … Read more

Road Rage Laws: Endangering Other People On a Highway is a Punishable Offense

Yes, your actions while expressing indignation may constitute a felony or misdemeanor under state and federal road rage laws/aggressive driving laws. It may also impact your insurance and license rights. Quick take: Road rage becomes a crime (illegal) when either party engages in reckless aggressive driving, assaults the other or causes property damage. Related charges … Read more

Types of Ankle Monitors : Do you have to pay for an ankle monitor?

There are three types of ankle monitors used or recommended by correctional service agencies in the US and Canada. That is -RF/Radio Frequency ankle monitors, GPS monitors, and SCRAM monitors. And. Yes. You must pay for all three. But you have no say in which one you must wear. Quick take types of ankle monitors … Read more