What is Considered Spoliation of Evidence, and how do you Prove it?

Under state and federal law, spoliation of evidence is the willful or negligent destruction, alteration or hiding of evidence. The punishment or sanction depends on state law and may include a fine or time behind bars. Short story States prosecute spoilation of evidence under specific statutes, relevant precedent rulings, and in some states, it is … Read more

How to Record Phone Calls on Android Devices

Android Phones manufactured for markets such as the United States and Canada ship with the call recording feature disabled. This is because of stricter regulations on call recordings in some states. If recording phone calls natively is essential to you, then purchasing a phone from a country with more lax recording laws can be helpful. … Read more

How to Record a Phone Call: Can you tape calls on Android or IOS without installing an app?

“How to record a phone call” seems like an easy question with a straightforward solution. But if you own an Android or iPhone, you understand the frustration of using third-party apps that flood your device with ads and built-in voice recorders that do not work or ship disabled. Not to mention the issue of your … Read more