Types of Evidence in Law: How many types of evidence are there?

There are two basic categories of evidence (1) direct evidence (2) circumstantial evidence. The former relies on witness perceptions and the latter on circumstantial evidence such as DNA. Depending on the laws in your country, you may break down these two categories into at least seven different types of evidence as explained below. Quick take: … Read more

Can I Sue Someone for Recording Me on Private or Public Property?

Under state and federal law, it is legal to film anyone who does not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” In public spaces, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Quick take: Only 16 states have specific video surveillance statutes. Typically the audio recording laws are much stricter than video recording. It is … Read more

Weird Christmas Laws From Around The World

man in santa claus costume

Was Christmas Illegal in the United States in the 17th century? Did the United Kingdom make it so that Santa couldn’t drive a car (much less his sleigh!)? Learn about all this and more with these weird and wacky laws from around the world. Some quick things to note before we get started Stay far … Read more

How to Record Phone Calls on Android Devices

Android Phones manufactured for markets such as the United States and Canada ship with the call recording feature disabled. This is because of stricter regulations on call recordings in some states. If recording phone calls natively is essential to you, then purchasing a phone from a country with more lax recording laws can be helpful. … Read more

How to Record a Phone Call: Can you tape calls on Android or IOS without installing an app?

“How to record a phone call” seems like an easy question with a straightforward solution. But if you own an Android or iPhone, you understand the frustration of using third-party apps that flood your device with ads and built-in voice recorders that do not work or ship disabled. Not to mention the issue of your … Read more

Privacy Tools for Android, IOS, and Windows: What is the best privacy software?

Privacy software and privacy tools that guarantee online anonymity and protect your location and identity. Quick take: key disclosure law requires Privacy Service Providers to share encryption keys with law enforcement. logout when you finish browsing, use a VPN, or alternative search engine. Store sensitive data in secure private storage. Protect your password and devices … Read more

Anonymous Payment Methods: Can you pay someone incognito?

To make anonymous payments you must overcome a few initial difficulties. Traditionally, the most significant hurdle has always been the initial addition of funds, this is usually where you have to submit your identity. However, there are a few ways to increase your anonymity online when making purchases, each with differing layers of security. You … Read more

E-mail Account Security Explained: What is the most secure e-mail service?

Quick take: Gmail, AOL, Microsoft outlook and iCloud use TLS (providers and anyone with access to your account may read your email). Proton mail uses end-to-end encryption. The receiver must have a key to read the message. You do not have to delete your Gmail account. At the most basic level before getting into technology … Read more

Is it Illegal to Video Record Someone Without Their Consent?

Video Recording Consent

In general it is illegal to record private audio of conversations between two individuals without the consent of one or both parties. The biggest thing to know first is whether you are in a one party, or all party consent state. You can look at our list of One Party Consent States or All Party … Read more

Legal Transaction Management Software

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