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Recording Law

A growing record of laws in the United States

Audio & Video Consent Laws in the United States

The majority of the world has laws dictating the legality of recording a conversation between 2 or more parties.  These are divided broadly into two factions.  One Party Consent, and Two Party Consent with some places having a few minute differences.

Find your local area to learn more about the laws in your jurisdiction.

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Cease & Desist Letter

A cease and desist letter is a formal document sent to an individual or company engaging in infringing activities that affect the life and business of the aggrieved party. It is usually written by the affected party or attorney of the aggrieved party to ask the infringing party to stop performing the unpermitted activity. If the offending party refuses to comply, he/she (or the organization) could be charged to court.

Partnership Agreement Template

A partnership agreement is a binding contract between partners that contains the terms and conditions of the partnership. However, before we dig deeper into the nature of a partnership agreement it is important that you first understand what a partnership is. Generally, a partnership is an agreement between two or more people to contribute money, property, or labor to come up with a common fund and divide the profits among themselves.

Service Agreement Template

What is a Service Agreement? A service agreement is a contract between one person (Supplier) and another (Client) to render services for a specific period of time in exchange for remuneration. It is also known as a Contractor Agreement which governs the relationship...

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