All Party (Two Party) Consent States

United States Recording LawList of Two Party Consent States (All Party Consent)

California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan*, Missouri*, Montana* (Requires notification only), Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon*. Pennsylvania, Vermont*, Washington, Illinois.

* prefers to err on the side of caution with these states as they have special provisions.  Make sure to read the state rules.

What is a Two Party Consent State?  (All Party Consent)

In Two party (or all party) consent states it is required by state law that all parties that partake in a conversation must have given consent for that conversation to be recorded when there is an expectation of privacy.  This law covers private as well as public places, if there is an expectation of privacy, consent must be given.  Generally, video may be recorded in public places with the caveats that your video does not capture the audio or subject of the conversation, and the people are speaking in a public place.  Check your states individual recording laws for more information.

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Two Party Consent States

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