Can you get a speeding ticket without being pulled over?

You’re driving in the left lane a few miles per hour over the speed limit, a police officer pulls up behind you, and you move into the right lane. After you slow down…you can’t help but wonder, is it possible that they gave me a ticket? Can a cop clock your speed while driving? Yes, … Read more

HIPAA Compliant CRM Software – The best of 2022

HIPAA is a federal law that sets national standards for the protection of patient information so that it is not disclosed without their consent or knowledge. Who Needs to be HIPAA Compliant? Healthcare Providers Health Plans Healthcare Clearinghouses Businesses that deal with healthcare information. What Should You Look for in a HIPAA Compliant CRM? Track … Read more

2023 Medical Records Retention Laws By State

Medical Records Retention Laws by State

Updated May 2023 How Long do Hospitals Keep Medical Records HIPAA is a federal law that requires your medical records to be retained for 6 years at a federal level. However, most states also have their own medical retention laws, which can be more stringent than HIPAA stipulates. Look at the table below to see … Read more

Is My Phone Listening to Me?

Many smartphone users around the world have reported something mysterious with their phones. Seemingly innocuous advertisements related to personal conversations are cropping up. While at the surface, this might seem innocent, it’s actually at the heart of a really big issue. Digital privacy and the potential for your phone to be recording your private conversations, … Read more