Photo Video Recording Consent Form

Showing someone signing a photo and video consent form

Our forms are free and always will be. Here is a copy of a simple standard photo and video consent form that can be used to gain permission to use someone in a photo session or film production. There is a downloadable Word file at the bottom if you’d like to maintain our formatting; if … Read more

Can an Employer Record Conversations Without Consent?

Can an employer record without consent

It doesn’t matter if you’re at your place of work, at home, or in a public space…state laws still apply. For you to see if an employer can record conversations without consent you will have to check and see if you are in a one party or two party consent state. To put it simply … Read more

Is it Illegal to Video Record Someone Without Their Consent?

Video Recording Consent

In general it is illegal to record private audio of conversations between two individuals without the consent of one or both parties. The biggest thing to know first is whether you are in a one party, or all party consent state. You can look at our list of One Party Consent States or All Party … Read more