How to Hide an Ankle Monitor

Wearing an ankle monitor instead of spending time in prison can offer a significant amount of freedom. However, it can be embarrassing to constantly explain why you are wearing a GPS or SCRAM ankle monitor. There are a few ways to minimize the visual effect of an ankle monitor while also increasing comfort. Wearing Loose … Read more

Types of Evidence in Law: How many types of evidence are there?

There are two basic categories of evidence (1) direct evidence (2) circumstantial evidence. The former relies on witness perceptions and the latter on circumstantial evidence such as DNA. Depending on the laws in your country, you may break down these two categories into at least seven different types of evidence as explained below. Quick take: … Read more

Can you collect unemployment after being incarcerated in the US?

Yes. But eligibility depends on state law and you may only collect unemployment benefits after you are released from prison. If you have completed your sentence or know your release date, below is what you need to know. Tip: If you are over 65, you may apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security … Read more

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Lighter?

The sale of lighters in the United States is a bit of a grey area as it can fall under the umbrella of what the law may consider a ‘tobacco product’, this does not mean that it is necessarily illegal to purchase a lighter as a minor. Quick take: What age is it legal to … Read more

Does a Failed Drug Test Show Up on Your Record?

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), doctors and medical practitioners can only share your medical information/ Personal Health Information on a need-to-know basis and in a way that is secure and protects your privacy. In other words, a failed drug test is not a public record unless the test led to a … Read more

How to Check if Your Record Has Been Expunged

white paper folders with black tie

The quickest and easiest way to find out if your record has been expunged is to visit the court where your case was held and ask to see the records. You know that your record is clean if the court does not have your records or if it approves your request. The question is, who … Read more

Can I Sue Someone for Recording Me on Private or Public Property?

Under state and federal law, it is legal to film anyone who does not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” In public spaces, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Quick take: Only 16 states have specific video surveillance statutes. Typically the audio recording laws are much stricter than video recording. It is … Read more

How Long is a Life Sentence? State by State Overview

A life sentence is often perceived as a prisoner serving the rest of their natural life behind bars; however, the actual length of a life sentence can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction and state laws. In the United States, each state has its own statutes and regulations that dictate the length and conditions of … Read more

How to Look up Old Murders: Can Anyone Look at Old Case Files?

Old murder (cold) case files are public records in the US, meaning anyone can view them through a simple request. You may submit a request at the local courthouse or local law enforcement headquarters. Note: Arrest reports and crime and incident reports are not public records in some states. You may need a court order … Read more

Can I get a passport with a criminal record in Australia?

Reportable Offenders in Australia cannot travel outside the country without special permission. However, if you were convicted of non-reportable offenses and have completed your sentence, nothing is stopping you from getting a passport and leaving the country. Quick Take: Responsible Authority is the secretary to the department of foreign affairs and trade of the Commonwealth … Read more