Wyoming Lemon Law

Wyoming Lemon Laws

Wyoming’s lemon laws state that if the buyer or lessee of a vehicle finds a major fault in it – which the manufacturers are unable to fix even after 3 valid attempts by the vehicle manufacturer to repair it – the manufacturer is liable to refund or replace the faulty vehicle. This law applies to the vehicle throughout its express warranty period, and if the vehicle is still under its warranty period and meets the eligibility criteria as specified by Wyoming’s state laws, the owner of the vehicle can claim their lemon aid and demand the manufacturers to provide them with the necessary reimbursement, in the form of a refund or replacement of the faulty vehicle through arbitration.

Lemon Eligibility in Wyoming

For a vehicle to be eligible for Wyoming’s lemon law, the said vehicle must weigh no more than 10 000 lbs in gross weight. The vehicle must also have a defect or nonconformity which substantially affects the vehicle’s performance and market value. These nonconformities must be reported within a 1 year period starting from the original delivery date of the vehicle. When done so, the manufacturer will be liable for repairs on those very nonconformities even after the 1 year period is over.

Lemon Law Repairs – Wyoming

In order for a manufacturer to be held liable under the lemon law, they must first have made at least 3 valid attempts at the very same defect or nonconformity; in this case, the problem still continues to persist. Upon the occasion that the manufacturer had been unable to finish for a while, then the consumer may file for arbitration if the down time had exceeded a minimum of 30 days. However, this time frame may increase when there is a natural disaster.

Wyoming Lemon Laws on Used Cars

The lemon law for Wyoming does not cover used cars. However, it is possible to avail lemon aids if the vehicle has been transferred to a different owner’s name and is still under the manufacturer’s express warranty and no part of the vehicle has been modified without the manufacturer’s knowledge.

Lemon Law Compensation in Wyoming

Upon a successful claim, the consumer may be given a replacement of the vehicle they have bought. The manufacturer may also offer to provide a refund, instead. The refund will include collateral charges toward the manufacturer. However, there may also be an allowance deducted in the final refund value. This is to solve for the consumer’s use of the vehicle.

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