Pennsylvania Lemon Law

Pennsylvania Lemon Laws – Summary

Pennsylvania’s lemon laws state that if the buyer or lessee of a vehicle finds a major fault in it – which the manufacturers are unable to fix even after 3 valid attempts by the vehicle manufacturer to repair it – the manufacturer is liable to repurchase or replace the faulty vehicle. This law applies to the vehicle throughout its express warranty period, or 12 month from its delivery, or 12,000 miless on its odometer, whichever of these comes first, and if the vehicle is still under its warranty period and meets the eligibility criteria as specified by Pennsylvania’s state laws, the owner of the vehicle can claim their lemon aid and demand the manufacturers to provide them with the necessary reimbursement, in the form of a refund or replacement of the faulty vehicle through arbitration. The repurchase costs will also cover any additional costs the owner underwent while purchasing the vehicle, while the replacement procedure would not require the customer to pay any additional fees. The law does not apply to used cars. 

Pennsylvania Lemon Laws Time Limits & Eligibility

To be eligible for receiving arbitrary aid in Pennsylvania, a motor vehicle needs to be new, bought or leased, as well as registered in Pennsylvania, and is designed for carrying no more than 15 persons. The law does not protect motorcycles, motor vehicles or off-road vehicles. The law also protects only the original purchases of the vehicle, and not any of its subsequent owners. The vehicle must possess a nonconformity which severely impairs its usability, market value and/or safety. If the nonconformity does not do so, or if it is caused as a result of the owner’s lack of maintenance, abuse or an unauthorized modification attempt, the vehicle will not be considered for arbitration. The vehicle is protected by the law only for a period of 12 months, 12,000 miles on the vehicle’s odometer, or until the expiry of the manufacturer’s express warranty, whichever of these comes first. 

Pennsylvania Lemon Law Used Vehicles

Pennsylvania’s lemon laws do not protect used vehicles. Since only vehicles which have not undergone any change in ownership are eligible, only the original purchaser of the vehicle who is still in possession of it may file for a lemon claim.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law Repairs 

Once the nonconformity is reported, the customer must provide the manufacturer a written notice informing them about the vehicle’s condition, following which, they must immediately repair the vehicle. The manufacturer is given 3 attempts to repair the vehicle. If these attempts are unsuccessful, or if the vehicle remains with the manufacturer for repair purposes for over 30 calendar days, the customer may then provide the manufacturer with a final notice informing them about their wish to get a replacement or a refund for the vehicle. Upon receiving this notice, the manufacturer may have a final attempt at repairing the vehicle, which, if a failure, they must then proceed for arbitration.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law Arbitration

Before turning towards a civil court, it is a must for the matter to firstly be dealt with by an arbiter through a certified arbitration program that the manufacturer is associated with. If the arbiter’s decision is not one that the customer agrees with, however, they may then reject it and solve the matter in a civil court. In that case, civil court cases need to be filed within a period of 4 years from the date of the discovery of the nonconformity.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law Compensation – Refund or Replacement

The customer may choose either a refund for the vehicle, or a replacement, as per which option they find more fitting. In case of a refund, the customer will be repaid the full purchasing price of the vehicle, including all collateral charges. However, a reasonable fee will be deducted for the owner’s usage of the vehicle prior to the discovery of the nonconformity. In case of a replacement, the customer will be reimbursed with a new motor vehicle of a comparable or identical model to the original. No additional charges will be incurred from the owner, including fees for the usage of the faulty vehicle.

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