New Hampshire Sexting Laws

New Hampshire does not have a specific law on sexting. Instead, the state has child pornography laws, harassment laws, and solicitation laws -all of which- prosecutors may use to charge anyone who contacts a minor using an electronic device. Quick take: Teens accused of creating and disseminating child pornography may face charges in adult court. … Read more

Nevada Sexting Laws

According to state statute NRS 200.737, Nevada Sexting laws, teen sexting is punishable by community service or a court warning -for a first offense. Any subsequent violations may lead to child pornography or solicitation charges. Quick take: Teens tried in the juvenile system for sexting do not have to register as sex offenders. For a … Read more

Alaska Sexting Laws

Alaska does not currently have a specific statute or law addressing teen sexting. That is bad news in that any nude picture taken by an underage individual may constitute child pornography. (keep reading) Quick take: Teens accused of non-felony sexting in Alaska face prosecution in juvenile court. Juvenile court may issue a warning, or order … Read more

Nebraska Sexting Laws

Nebraska sexting laws (28-1463.03) dictate that anyone found in possession of pictures (still or moving) depicting a child engaged in sexual conduct is guilty of child pornography possession. That means sexting teens in the state risk felony child pornography charges. Quick take: Teens and adults found guilty of possession or distribution of child pornography must … Read more

Montana Sexting Laws

There are no specific sexting laws in Montana; because of that, sexting amongst teens is a criminal offense punishable under laws, including indecent exposure, child pornography, or solicitation of a minor. (keep reading) Quick take: Teens convicted of felony child pornography possession and distribution must register as sex offenders. Nude selfies constitute child pornography. The … Read more

Missouri Sexting Laws

Quick take: Nude selfies taken by a minor constitute child pornography. Teens and adults convicted of felony child pornography related offenses must register as sex offenders. Each photo or video may constitute a separate offense. Sexting between consenting adults is legal. Missouri felony and misdemeanour chart References: 573.037 “Possession of Child Pornography,” 573.023 “Sexual Exploitation … Read more

Mississippi Sexting Laws

In Mississippi, teens accused of sexting face prosecution under the state’s revenge porn and child pornography laws. That may mean mandatory registration into the sex offender registry. (keep reading) Quick take: Mississippi sexting laws do not yet exist (we will update you when that changes). Teens accused of felony offences face prosecution under the state’s … Read more

Minnesota Sexting Laws

Specific laws in Minnesota related to sexting do not exist (yet). Persons accused of sending inappropriate texts, pictures, or videos face prosecution under the states harsh child pornography laws Quick take: Teens tried as adults for child pornography violations and adults convicted of child pornography possession or distribution must register as sex offenders. The punishment … Read more

Michigan Sexting Laws

Michigan does not have specific laws regarding sexting, instead teens and adults face prosecution under federal law, child pornography, and related statutes. Quick take: Anyone convicted of a felony offense must register as a sex offender. Child pornography possession, distribution and creation are all felony offences. The punishment for juvenile offenders (petty offenses) includes, probation, … Read more

Massachusetts Sexting Laws

Massachusetts Sexting Laws

There are no sexting laws in Massachusetts. Because of that -teens accused of sexting or rather -creating, possessing, or transmitting sexually explicit media may face felony child pornography charges. Below is why. Quick take: Massachusetts law allows sexting between consenting adults. Child pornography, solicitation, and related charges apply if there is exchange of content depicting … Read more