Rhode Island Sexting Laws

Passed in 2011, Rhode Island sexting laws states that teens who create and transmit sexually explicit images of themselves may face charges in family court. Consequently, teens adjudicated for sexting cannot face prosecution under the state’s child pornography laws. The rule does not apply to those who possess or disseminate explicit images of another. Quick … Read more

Pennsylvania Sexting Laws

According to state statute 6321, Pennsylvania sexting law, it is illegal for minors to create and send sexually-inappropriate images. However, the statute protects teen offenders from felony charges and sex offender registration, but not on all occasions. Quick take: State statute 1520 is Pennsylvania’s Diversion program for teens. The law requires the judge to prioritize … Read more

Oregon Sexting Laws

In Oregon there are no laws specifically related to sexting, however, this does not mean that sexting is completely legal. Since there is no sexting laws to protect minors, anyone accused of creating and distributing indecent pictures of a minor may face much harsher prosecution under the state’s child pornography laws and revenge porn laws. … Read more

Oklahoma Sexting Laws

There are no sexting laws in Oklahoma; because of that, teens and adults accused of sending nudes or inappropriate pictures may face prosecution under the state’s child porn laws. However, the state has enacted some protections to shield teens from prison and sex offender registration. Quick take: Teens and adults convicted of felonies related to … Read more

Ohio Sexting Laws

Ohio does not have a specific statute addressing teen sexting. That is problematic in that teens accused of creating and disseminating nudes may face felony child pornography charges. Prosecutors may also pursue child endangerment charges, pandering, solicitation/enticing a minor, or any other charge that applies. Quick take: Sending and receiving sexually explicit images depicting a … Read more

North Dakota Sexting Laws

Under North Dakota sexting laws 12.1-27-03.3, sending inappropriate pictures without the depicted person’s consent is a misdemeanor punishable by up to thirty days in jail and a $1000 fine. Here is why that could be dangerous for teens in the state: Quick take: Sexting between a teen and adult may result in multiple felony charges, … Read more

North Carolina Sexting Laws

Under North Carolina sexting laws, sexually exploiting yourself is possible, and the law is written so that only legally consenting adults can share sexts without risk of legal consequence. Additionally, the age of consent is sixteen. So what does this mean for sexting teens in the state? 1. Creating sexually explicit media and sharing it … Read more

New York Sexting Laws

Under the New York sexting laws/diversion program (see Cybercrime Youth Rescue Act), teen sexting that involves the exchange of inappropriate images is a felony. Furthermore, anyone, be it a teen or adult, who sends sexually explicit images to a minor is guilty of Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor, a crime that warrants mandatory registration … Read more

New Mexico Sexting Laws

New Mexico sexting laws 30-6A-3 permit sexting between teens-fourteen to eighteen- if the act is consensual. What the law does not permit is adult to minor sexting and child pornography-related offences. Quick take: New Mexico permits sexting between consenting teens aged fourteen to eighteen. Teens tried in the juvenile system do not have to register … Read more

New Jersey Sexting Laws

New Jersey sexting laws aim to protect sexting teens from the state’s harsh pornography laws and punish sexual predators. Before 2012, upon conviction for sending or receiving inappropriate images, teens had to register as sex offenders and serve time. Quick take New Jersey Sexting Laws In 2012, New Jersey created a diversion program whose purpose … Read more