Murder Sentencing Guidelines – Minimum to Maximum for Every State

Skip to State by State Overview of Murder Sentences The minimum and maxiumum sentence for murder varies depending on the jurisdiction and the specific degree or classification of the murder charge. In the United States, for example, minimum sentences can differ significantly among states and even within different degrees of murder (e.g., first-degree, second-degree, and … Read more

Colorado Hit and Run Laws

Under 42-4-1601, Colorado hit and run laws, the first thing to do after an accident is to immediately stop the vehicle at the scene or close by. Failure to do stop and fulfill the requirements of 42-4-1603 will result in misdemeanor or felony charges. Quick take: Colorado hit and run laws You must remain at … Read more

Colorado Sexting Laws

Colorado Sexting Laws

A comprehensive overview of the Sexting laws in Colorado. Quick take: Possession, distribution, and creation of sexually explicit images depicting a minor is a punishable offense. Adults receiving unsolicited sexts may pursue civil action. Felony offender may have to register in the state’s sex offender registry. Colorado and misdemeanor chart. Colorado teen sexting laws: Summary … Read more

Dog Bite Laws Colorado

Dog bite laws as they apply to the state of Colorado

Colorado dog bite laws are a combination of strict liability ordinances and negligence laws.  Primarily what you must remember is that the victim does not have to show that the owner had any knowledge of the dog’s vicious propensities. In 2004, the state of Colorado removed the “one bite” rule. This means regardless of whether … Read more

Colorado Whistleblower Laws

A summary of Colorado Whistleblower laws Colorado is an at-will employment state like many other states. However, Colorado has statutory and common law protections put in place to protect whistleblowers from all kinds of retaliation. Statutory protections are enacted by the legislature to cover specific subject areas such as wages, whereas common law protections cover … Read more

Colorado Child Support Laws

Colorado child support laws dictate the rights and obligations of caregivers; however, the intricacies of these guidelines can get a little confusing especially when it comes to calculating your parental obligation. For example, did you know that the state’s “parental obligation formula” is based on what the family would have theoretically spent on the child … Read more

Colorado Car Seat Laws

A Summary of Child Car Seat Laws in Colorado The rear-facing seat requirements for children in Colorado are at least 1 year old and 20 pounds. Children of ages 1 to 4 with at least 40 pounds can use either a rear-facing or forward facing seat. Booster seats can be used by children younger than … Read more

Colorado Lemon Law

A stylized image of Colorado and a Lemon Car

Colorado Lemon Laws Colorado’s lemon laws state that if the buyer of a new vehicle finds a major fault in it – which the manufacturers are unable to fix even after 4 valid attempts by the vehicle manufacturer to repair it – the manufacturer is liable to repurchase or replace the faulty vehicle. This law … Read more

Colorado Statute of Limitations

A Stylized image of Colorado with the words statute of limitations written on it

Statute of Limitations CO- Summary Colorado’s statute of limitations establishes a deadline before which civil cases – such as lawsuits – must be filed in the state. In relation to criminal charges, it also prevents prosecutors from charging an individual with a crime after a specified period of time has passed. The statutes of limitations … Read more

Colorado Recording Laws

Colorado Recording Laws

Colorado Recording Law Summary: Is Colorado a One Party Consent State? Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-9-304 Colorado recording law stipulates that it is a one party consent state.  In Colorado it is a criminal offense to use any device to record communications whether it’s wire, oral or electronic without the consent of at least one person taking … Read more