Free Pet Bill of Sale Template

This contract is a general fill in bill of sale for pets that ensures the legal transfer of an animal from one owner to another. If you would like a more detailed version, you can create your own Do-it-yourself Bill of Sale using Law Depots software.

Here is the web version, you can also download the Microsoft Word version for better formatting.


Bill of Sale for Pets

In consideration of the amount of [amount and applicable currency] received by [COMPLETE NAME OF SELLER) whose address is [Complete Address] from [COMPLETE NAME OF BUYER] whose address is [Complete Address], receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, SELLER grants, sells, conveys, and transfers the following Animal [ANIMAL].

Animal’s Name
Breed of Animal:Color of Animal:
Animal’s Date of Birth:Sex of Animal:   ____F   ____M
Registration (if applicable):
Size Name:Registration No. (if applicable)
Dam Name:Registration No. (if applicable)

REGISTRATION AND OWNERSHIP TRANSFERS: Upon the payment in full of the amount agreed above, the SELLER, at his/her own cost shall effect the transfer of ownership and registration, if applicable, of the [ANIMAL] to the BUYER.

SELLER REPRESENTATION: SELLER warrants to the BUYER that he/she is the real owner of the animal and that he has legal right title thereto to grant, sell, convey, and transfer ownership to the BUYER. The SELLER also warrants that the [ANIMAL] is free from any liens and encumbrances.


The [ANIMAL] is sold “as is” and without any express or implied warranty and representation of the SELLER other than those expressly stated above.


The [ANIMAL] is in good health and free from any communicable diseases at the time of this transfer. BUYER has [Number of Days] from the delivery date of the [ANIMAL to have it examined by a licensed veterinarian for any health defects. In case the ANIMAL is not fit, the BUYER may return the animal to the SELLER and get a full refund, provided that a medical certificate signed by the examining veterinarian is submitted to the SELLER. Failure of the BUYER to have the ANIMAL examined within the time period will nullify this warranty.

GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of [State].

IN WITNESSS WHEREOF, SELLER has executed and delivered this Bill of Sale this [Date] day of [Month]_, [Year].


Signature Above Printed Name


Signature Above Printed Name

For better formatting, you can download the Word Version below:

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