Wisconsin Child Support Laws

Wisconsin child support laws aim to ensure that upkeep laws are enforced, and no child suffers economic hardship from divorce or separation or the lack of a paternity establishment. That is according to the state’s department of social services.  However, in practice, these laws may, in some scenarios, be ‘unfair’ to one parent.  For example, … Read more

West Virginia Child Support Laws

West Virginia child support laws according to chapter 48.  Domestic Relations.  Aim to “improve and facilitate support enforcement in this state, with the primary goal being to establish and enforce reasonable child support orders and thereby improve opportunities for children”. To some parents paying child support in the state, the amount they pay monthly in … Read more

Wyoming Child Support Laws

Wyoming child support laws, article 3-20-2-30, states quote, “the court shall enter orders, temporary or otherwise, pursuant and in compliance with this article for maintenance of children in actions for paternity, support, and any other action for the maintenance or support of children.” What that means is child support is a legal obligation for both … Read more