Family Law Marketing Ideas & Overview

In marketing, the style of campaign that you run will typically fall into one of two categories:

Awareness Campaigns:
An awareness campaign builds up general knowledge around your persona or brand, you want to target everyone so that you are top of mind when something happens. While direct conversion rate will often be lower than sales marketing, an effective awareness campaign should make every other type of promotion a little bit more effective.

Sales Campaigns:
These are directed at your potential target market. While targeted marketing will often cost much more than an awareness campaign, it generally has higher conversion rates.

Note: Recording Law is launching a pilot program to work with lawyers to create free content with links to their site.

Create an On-line Presence


Learn More About Our Pilot Program

Recording Law is testing out a new program working with lawyers throughout the United States. We have already established an authoritative website with thousands of potential leads per day. With our pilot program, Recording Law would like to work with local lawyers to build and review content in their areas of practice.

Your Law Firm Gets:

  • All leads from a branded ‘Law Firm Name’ form
  • Authorship of posts from your state
  • Call to action to contact your firm on all reviewed posts
  • Powerful backlink to your law firm website

Recording Law Gets:

  • Review articles and apply by-line (lawyer’s name and image)
  • Links from socials to authored posts
  • Advertising Income