Right of First Refusal Manitoba

The Right of First Refusal or “Assuring Priority of Parental Care” is optional protection that divorcing or separating parents may include in their support agreement. The court may include it if the clause is in the best interest of the child/ren. The clause requires that whenever the custodial parent is unable to provide care to … Read more

Right of First Refusal British Columbia

What age can a child refuse to see a parent in BC? British Columbia family law act does not define an age at which a child can decide which parent to live with. If your separation or divorce agreement contains a “Right of First Refusal” the custodial parent must ask the child’s non-custodial parent to … Read more

Right of First Refusal Alberta

Under provincial laws, a child above 14 has the right to refuse to see a parent. Alberta’s Right of First Refusal clause -if included in your parental arrangement- requires that if you cannot care for your child during ordinary parenting time, you must ask the child’s other natural parent to care for the child before … Read more

Divorce Records Canada: Are Divorces Public Records in Alberta?

In Canada (Except for Quebec), divorce records, including evidence such as texts or photos, are public records. That means anyone may access divorce documents presented in civil or family court in Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island as long as the records are not made private. However, … Read more