Manitoba Child Support Laws

Below is everything you need to know about child support laws in Manitoba. Quick take. How does upkeep work in Manitoba? Child support payments end when the child turns 19 in Manitoba. Support may continue past 19 if the parental agreement requires it or the child has special needs. You may use Federal Child Support … Read more

British Columbia Child Support Laws

Quick take on British Columbia Child Support Laws: How does upkeep work in BC? Parents must provide upkeep until the child turns 19 in British Colombia. Failure to provide upkeep will result in the penalties listed below. Provincial laws require the court to use federal tables to estimate upkeep. The court may deviate from the … Read more

Canada Child Support Laws

Under Canada’s Federal Divorce Act, child support is a right, meaning the parents must provide food, shelter, education, clothes, and healthcare until the child turns 18. Under federal law, the divorce act is applicable if both parents are, quote “habitually residents in the same province at the time of the divorce.”  Provincial and territorial laws … Read more

Alberta Child Support Laws

Alberta Child Support Laws Overview Under Canadian law, child support is a legal right for kids. That means that the receiving parent cannot waive payments and paying support is a legal obligation for both parents. However, the paying parent may apply for a reduction. Additionally, Alberta has no emancipation laws, and parents may make a … Read more