British Columbia Child Support Laws

Quick take on British Columbia Child Support Laws: How does upkeep work in BC? Parents must provide upkeep until the child turns 19 in British Colombia. Failure to provide upkeep will result in the penalties listed below. Provincial laws require the court to use federal tables to estimate upkeep. The court may deviate from the … Read more

British Columbia Slip and Fall Laws

What happens if someone gets injured on your property in BC? If the cause of the accident was negligence or the actions of the property owner or an employee. A slip and fall victim in British Columbia may take civil action and recover a maximum of $317,000 for pain and suffering. Other damages include hospital … Read more

Right of First Refusal British Columbia

What age can a child refuse to see a parent in BC? British Columbia family law act does not define an age at which a child can decide which parent to live with. If your separation or divorce agreement contains a “Right of First Refusal” the custodial parent must ask the child’s non-custodial parent to … Read more

British Columbia Hit and Run Laws

Under provincial laws, you are legally obligated to stop and fulfill the obligations listed below. Failure to stop and fulfill the obligations constitutes a hit and run. Leaving the scene of an accident in British Columbia is a hybrid offense, meaning the circumstances determine if the driver is guilty of a summary offense or indictable … Read more