Alberta Child Support Laws

Alberta Child Support Laws Overview Under Canadian law, child support is a legal right for kids. That means that the receiving parent cannot waive payments and paying support is a legal obligation for both parents. However, the paying parent may apply for a reduction. Additionally, Alberta has no emancipation laws, and parents may make a … Read more

Right of First Refusal Alberta

Under provincial laws, a child above 14 has the right to refuse to see a parent. Alberta’s Right of First Refusal clause -if included in your parental arrangement- requires that if you cannot care for your child during ordinary parenting time, you must ask the child’s other natural parent to care for the child before … Read more

Domestic Violence Laws Alberta

Under Canadian law, domestic violence may result in summary or indictable offense charges including assault, abduction, homicide, sexual assault, child pornography, and trafficking in persons. In addition, Alberta’s Clare’s law gives residents the right to get information about their partners. What is the penalty for domestic violence in Alberta? You may get a protection order … Read more

Personal Injury Claims Explained: What happens if someone slips and falls on your property in Alberta?

If someone slips and falls on your property in Alberta, you could be liable for the injuries. The question is, how do you determine liability after a slip and fall accident? Quick take: What happens after a slip and fall accident in Alberta. You are not liable for any accident caused by a third party … Read more

Alberta Civil Laws Explained: What courts deal with Civil Cases in Edmonton?

The family law division of the Court of Queen’s Bench, provincial/small claims court, and the Court of Queen’s Bench hear civil cases in Canada. If you are unsure where to file a claim, contact an attorney or a clerk of the court near you. Quick take: Alberta civil laws and procedures explained Alberta’s civil laws … Read more

Alberta Civil Laws Explained: How long does a civil lawsuit take and what evidence do you need?

According to estimates, on average, it takes up to one year or more to complete a civil lawsuit. The outcome is not always what you expect and the defendant may dispute your claim, making it vital that you work with a professional and understand the process.  Below is everything you need to know about civil … Read more

Alberta Civil Laws Explained: How do I File a Civil Claim in Edmonton, Alberta

Under provincial laws, if you are suing for less than $50000, you must file your application at the provincial court. If the amount exceeds $50000, you must file your claim at the Court of Queen’s Bench. Visit your provincial clerk of court office to file a claim. Quick take: How to file a civil claim … Read more

Alberta Hit and Run Laws

Under Alberta’s Traffic Act Section 69.1, leaving the scene of an accident is a summary offense if the accident involves property damage and an indictable offense if the victim dies or suffers a serious injury. Failing to remain at the scene of an accident is a hybrid offense in Alberta. “Hybrid offense” refers to an … Read more

Divorce Records Canada: Are Divorces Public Records in Alberta?

In Canada (Except for Quebec), divorce records, including evidence such as texts or photos, are public records. That means anyone may access divorce documents presented in civil or family court in Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island as long as the records are not made private. However, … Read more