Divorce Records Canada: Are Divorces Public Records in Alberta?

Yes. Except for Quebec, divorce records, including evidence such as texts or photos, are public records in Canada. That means anyone may access divorce documents presented in civil or family court in Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island as long as the records are not made private. … Read more

Traveling With a Criminal Record: Are felons allowed to travel outside Canada?

Canadian law does not prohibit felons from getting a passport, what is problematic is traveling outside the country with a criminal record. For convicts: You will need a Form I-192 to enter the United States or a waiver from the country you intend to travel to. Record suspension removes your criminal record from police database … Read more

Canada Audio and Video Recording Laws

Can you record conversations in Canada? Canada follows the one-party consent rule according to section 184 of the criminal code. Therefore, in Canada, recording private conversations is legal provided one of the participants consents to the recording. So if two participants are involved in a call, one of the participants can record the call without … Read more